Harisuns Group
Harisuns Plaza | Alamcode Jn | Attingal | Trivandrum, India | 858 999 2140 | 858 999 2132, 858 999 2131
Techno Trend Network Solutions LLC | Suite 19 | PO Box 25186 | Firdouse Center | M3 Abu Dhabi, UAE | 050 6210804 | 02.5500760, 02.5500763

About Harisuns Industries

Harisuns Industries engaged in the production of PVC Pipes and Fittings. Our factory located in Attingal, Kerala, India. We are committed to quality pvc pipes using genune materials only.

We are using imported technology for the manufacturing process. Conical Twin screw Extrusion techninique is not seen very common in the India for the manufacturing of pvc pipes. We use conical twin screw extrusion from very beginning of our prodution hense we can keeep quality of our product and earn high reputation.


Techno Trend Network Solutions LLC (TTNS) is one of the fastest growing, IT infrastructure services companies operating from Abu Dhabi, UAE. It offers integrated design, engineering, procurement, and project management services in the telecom, infrastructure and Information Technology sectors. TTNS is committed to the quality where by complete satisfaction to our customers.

TTNS offers our clients with turnkey installation solutions for all their communication and IT and associated cabling requirements. Professional design and quality assured installation services make us the right choice for all projects from simple data cabling network modifications to major nationwide network cabling projects.